Optimized market solutions.

Mid South Extrusion serves a large variety of markets within the flexible film industry and is able to create competitive solutions for specific market segments.


Our agricultural films use the latest advanced technology and materials to provide the durability, reliability, functionality, and safety that meet even the most challenging requirements.


Mid South Extrusion is the authority in the comfort industry. We provide films for carpet cushion, furniture, mattresses, and polyurethane foam manufacturing.


Our films are designed for consumer applications and are called upon to provide a variety of properties: product protection, barrier & strength solutions, improved efficiencies, optic clarity, and superior printability.


We have several highly resilient films engineered for e-commerce applications. Our films help you ship your products, and give you the confidence they'll be protected along the way.


For food grade applications, we engineer a wide range of converter grade food contact films for flexible packaging solutions.


MSE has tailored a portfolio of industrial films that ranges from vapor barrier underlayment films in construction, release liners in transportation, and high-performance banner films, with many more applications in between.

Towel & Tissue

Mid South Extrusion offers advanced films specifically designed for packaging towel and tissue products. Our high-quality films provide exceptional strength, clarity, and barrier properties to ensure the protection and presentation of your products.

Don't see your market segment listed here?

Whatever your needs may be, we will work with you to create a film that fits your application.